For the purchase or sale of an income property

Calculate everything in the same place!
Be able to forecast your finances for up to 25 years in addition to calculate 15 performance ratios and evaluate the sale price.
All the information in a report form!
Visualize the financial and qualitative aspects of the building you are evaluating in a professionnal and complete report that you can present to partners and lenders.
Analyze your properties even on the road!
iAnalyzeREI is available in a mobile application which gives you access to your data everywhere!

Why iAnalyzeREI?

Analyze the profitability of your properties with iAnalyzeREI, the most popular real estate investment proftability software in North America . With more than 15 performance ratios calculated, financial forecast for up to 25 years and the sell price evaluation, you'll not be able to live without it anymore!
  • To take a clear decision at the purchase of an investing property..
  • For the user-friendly interface and the simplicity of its reports.
  • For the free, fast and courteous customer support.

Profitability analysis

It’s simple! iAnalyzeREI is your partner when speaking of income-producing Real Estate. Each ratio is accompanied by a brief definition and the formula used to calculate it.

Not only does this software provide you with the most popular performance ratios, it goes beyond the return rate on a down payment. It considers the crucial factors that will help conclude the most difficult transactions. iAnalyzeREI can even calculate the return rate on the down payment with capitalization and appreciation. You will have the exact figure for the property.
  • Most frequently used performance ratios on the market
  • Return Rate on the down payment after capitalization and appreciation
  • Generalized theory with concise explanations.
Main window
Sale price

Sale price evaluation

This function is actually a calculator especially adapted to help you evaluate the sale price of a building according to a requested return rate. This is a quick and easy way to appraise a building’s worth.
It is possible to simultaneously compare as many income properties as you want with iAnalyzeREI to put emphasis on the important characteristics of each property. The comparison report will allow you to make better decisions according to your priorities.
Financial Forecast

Financial Forecast

The investment is not profitable now, but will it be 2 years from now? Is it the right time to buy? iAnalyzeREI paints a portrait of the investment and offers the possibility to see the investment’s growth throughout the years thanks to the financial parameters specified by the user. The financial forecast is done according to the inflation, the Income and the Expenses.

The taxes are automatically calculated if you want them to be, displaying the available liquidity at the end of the year. Furthermore, you can even show the buyer the length of time it will take before he recovers his investment, while considering the profit generated by the building, the capitalization and the appreciation.
  • Investment's evolution on a 5 year timeline
  • Income and Expenses inflation
  • Tax calculations
Integrated analysis revision
Whether you are a beginner or even an expert, it’s always preferable to be counseled to prevent any mistakes from arising in a report. That’s why iAnalyzeREI reviews your analysis for you. In fact, our software will even recommend options to help guide you in the right direction.

What is the acceptable norm for such an expense? iAnalyzeREI will let you know! Endowed with easy to understand symbols, you will know right away which values should be modified to obtain a realistic analysis.
Analysis review

Share your investment analysis
You can share your Real Estate investment analysis with any other iAnalyzeREI user, whether it's a colleague or a client. By doing so, the person who will be receiving your report will easily be able to make their own scenarios or comparisons.
Free widget for your website!
Improve the service you offer on your website! Integrate this new widget which analyzes the profitability of a Real Estate investment and even evaluates the sale price.
E-mail your report
Need to send your report to a banker, client or colleague? iAnalyzeREI enables you to instantly e-mail your report! No more handling important documents or files! The best part is that you don’t even have to bother signing-in on your personal e-mail account to do this!
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Why iAnalyzeREI?
  • To make an informed decision when buying or purchasing an income property!
  • iAnalyzeREI is easy to use and produces professional reports.
  • FREE, fast and courteous customer support!
  • iAnalyzeREI produces complete, colorful and legible reports.

Accessible from any device having access to:

*Internet Explorer 8 or more.

blockquoteI appreciated the simplicity of use and the quality of the reports. Definitely, an essential tool that I couldn't live without! I can only recommend it.

André Trottier, Chartered Real Estate Broker, Laval
blockquoteiAnalyzeREI is one of the best and complete solution we ever had for our specific projection needs and evaluation. It gives us a serious advantage over the competition. It's definitely the best tool that has ever existed!

Jean-françois Toutant, Chartered Real Estate Broker, Sherbrooke