blockquote “We have used Zoom-Imm’s services in order to prepare solid arguments for a purchase offer backed up by serious financial data. With such a well prepared file, we were able to obtain a very competitive purchase price. ”
Benoît Levac, Val-David

blockquote “I appreciated the simplicity of use and the quality of the reports. Definitely, an essential tool that I couldn’t live without! I can only recommend it.”
André Trottier, Chartered Real Estate Broker, Laval

blockquote “Since my acquisition of Zoom-Imm, in my role of collaborator as well as a listing agent, my customers are always winners. The production of professional reports not only amaze my customers but they are also greatly appreciated their creditors. Bravo to all the team.”
Michel Arthur Normand, Associate Real Estate Agent, Gatineau

blockquote “Ever since we started using Zoom-Imm, we have been able to rapidly produce professional reports for our customers and, in doing so, makes decision making quicker. In addition, the reports contain a very practical glossary.”
François Mackay, Chartered Real Estate Agent, Lachine

blockquote I’ve been using The Real Estate Manager for a few months now and I am learning easier ways to manage y buildings. Furthermore, the support and customer service is fast and reliable which helps me learn at my own speed and improve my understanding of the software which make my life much easier.
Denis Champagne, Manager, Montréal

blockquote “I can only think of one word that can properly define my appreciation of Zoom-Imm: Performance! User friendly with concise reports accurately define this software. When I first started using the software, I was impressed by your staff’s rigorous work ethic, which only makes my opinion on your enterprise stronger. I can only conclude by stating: Magex Thank you for existing.”
Martin Vachon, Licensed Admin., Associate Real Estate Agent, Sillery

blockquote "Zoom-Imm is one of the best and complete solutions we have ever had for our specific projection needs and evaluation. It gives us a serious advantage over the competition. It's definitely the best tool that has ever existed."
Jean-François Toutant, Chartered Real Estate Broker, Sherbrooke

blockquote “Zoom-Imm is an efficient, easy to use system that allows me to create a professional presentation to my actual and future customers. Furthermore, I can always count on the reliable and competent customer service to guide me in my use of the software. ”
Jennifer Cournoyer, Associate Real Estate Agent, Sorel-Tracy

blockquote “The information and the financial analysis that arose permitted me to acquire High End listings such as 16 units, commercial buildings and also Triplexes. It allows the buyer to be at ease and it reassures the banker. A Bank Director told me she had never seen such complete documents for the financing of a 16 unit income property.”
Jacques Noël, Real Estate Broker, Gatineau

blockquote The Real Estate Manager is one of the best software ever made. It’s easy of use and has everything a landlord needs to manage his building. One word for their service: Excellent! The team is always there to help me whatever the problem is. I never saw anything like it before.
André Ross, Landlord, Sherbrooke

blockquote “I would like to underline my complete and utter satisfaction in relation to the advice given by your customer support. Indeed, I was discouraged about the many difficulties I had encountered that seemed overwhelming, I thought I could never catch up due to the many incorrect operations I had done. Thanks to the patience of your staff, I was able to correctly input the necessary entries in order to be able to easily and securely do all the daily operations of the software. You have always answered me with celerity and diligence. Now, I can do all the operations in the software with ease and pleasure.”
Marc-André Bergeron, Landlord, St-Nicolas, Québec

blockquote “Since I started using Zoom-Imm, over a year ago, I’ve developed extremely useful skills that have allowed me to greatly advance my knowledge of income properties, which has also allowed me to create strong bonds with investors whom I can address with confidence.”
Alessandra Luciani, Associate Real Estate Agent, Laval

blockquote “For a while now, I’ve wanted to give you my thanks and applause for this wonderful program for building management. I can confirm its professionalism and the quality and accuracy of the information in the reports gave me the chance to sell a building. Thank you for the support, service and the availability that you provide me with in order to fully understand Zoom-Imm, even though I'm not really good with technology. ”
Daniel Pelletier, Licensed Real Estate Agent, Trois-Rivières

blockquote "A single word conveys my appreciation of Zoom-Imm: Performance! Ease of use and immaculately produced reports characterize this software. The rigorous work ethic the Magex team displayed when I first set out with this software confirmed the opinion I held of this still young company. In short, I would like to close by simply saying: "Thanks, Magex".
Marie Brossard, Associate Real Estate Agent, Laval