Press Review

2012 - C.A.R.’s REBS® joins forces with Magex Technologies to offer a new software
Sherbrooke, Thursday April 26th 2012 - C.A.R.’s REBS® joins with Magex Technologies to offer property investment analysis software
2010 - The real estate manager: property management software now available on a rental basis
The Real Estate Manager, Magex Technologies' property management software, becomes more accessible with a pay per month rental option. Thus making The Real Estate Manager the first specialized software in Quebec to offer all of its components on a rental basis!
2009 - Press Release: Magex Technologies is a finalist for the Raymond Chabot Grant Thornton Business Success Award
Magex Technologies is a finalist for the Raymond Chabot Grant Thornton Business Success Award, which is worth 10 000$. This nomination recognizes the business success and quality of emerging entrepreneurship from Magex Technologies.
2009 - Press Release: Magex Technologies changes the way we look at real estate
Magex Technologies launches today the second phase of its initiative to improve the image of the real estate market in Quebec by offering a free access to everyone of both version of their iAnalyze REI tool from May 5th to May25th 2009.
2008 - Presse Release: Magex Technologies will offer training workshops to the general public
Magex Technologies unveils today its schedule of training workshops of real estate management. These courses are offered tothe general public starting Thursday November 20th.
2008 - Press Release: Magex Technologies celebrates its fifth anniversary
Magex Technologies celebrates, this year, its fifth anniversary in the field of real estate software design.
2008 - Press Release: The birth of Magex Business Solutions
The new division of Magex Technologies, Magex Business Solutions, now offers software design and network consulting services destined for SMEs