Your Real Estate Management within reach

Manage tenants, their leases and more!
Improve your Real Estate Management by having all your information centralized in the same place. You can print leases directly from the software and communicate easily with your tenants also.
Keep an eye on your finances!
Manage your Income and Expenses by keeping track of your cashflow from period to period. You have access to a couple of financial statements giving you useful information to make adjustments.
Have access to your information everywhere, even on the road!
Have access to your information anywhere because Proprio Expert Web is a web based software also available in a mobile form!

2.0 mobility
Whether you're at work or travelling for business or pleasure, keeping an eye on management is a breeze with Proprio Expert Web, which requires no installation and offers real-time updates as well as shared access through various permission levels. Add to your favorites today! You can access it from any platform connected to the Internet.
Collect Rent in real time
Income property management dashboard
Handy reminders
Proprio Expert Web notifies you when it's time to take action and even prepares the documents you need, for example late-payment letters or rent-increase notices. It's sure to become your invaluable assistant.
Smart communication
Imagine letters that are writen themselves, addressed to the right tenants with all the required information including address, fees for late payment of rent, or the price of the next lease. Proprio Expert Web offers all of the above, in addition to enabling direct communication by email from its interface.
Rent increase letter
Income properties leases
Well-adapted leases
Proprio Expert Web makes life easier by letting you double-check information from your smartphone on-site, as well as enabling your caretaker to enter legible information needed to write a lease.
Contacts at your fingertips
Imagine having everything in one place: complete files and contact information for your tenants, references, caretakers and suppliers along with scanned contracts that you can associate with their profiles! The efficient and easy-to-access directory comes with a high-performance search engine that you won't be able to do without.
Property management contacts at your fingertips

Detailed expenses

Justifying a rent increase is easy when you know the sums invested by apartment. The Proprio Expert Web application provides you with this information through its easy-to-use interface. It's so much more than a spreadsheet!
Detailed property management expenses
Full property management financial statement
Full financial statements
Knowledge is power: knowing exactly where your money is going allows you to make informed choices. Decision-making is easier than ever with financial statements by building and by apartment, according to month or year, and accessible in real time.

Accessible from any device having access to:


Why Proprio Expert Web?
  • Installation free
  • Version constantly updated
  • Free access to customer service
  • No contract
  • Unlimited number of users
  • Daily backup

blockquoteImpressive! I was worried it would be too complicated however without any particular training, I was able to easily work with the software. It's efficient, user-friendly and flawless

Geoffrey Polli, Montréal