Frequently asked questions

In this section, discover the answers to the most frequent questions.
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Q: Is Real Estate Manager compatible with Mac?
No, Real Estate Manager can't be installed directly on a Mac, but you can buy an emulator to have Windows installed on the Mac, for instance, the software Parallel.
Q: Is it possible to work in a network with Real Estate Manager (access to the same database from several computers)?
Yes it is possible. Suppot technicians can configure your computers to be able to reach a local database with clients workstations. This service is free for those who subscribed to the service plan and cost 150$ by workstation for those who don't.
Q: What's the difference between Real Estate Manager and Proprio Expert Web?

Real Estate Manager is a software based on Windows (installed directly on a given computer), while Proprio Expert Web is accessible through the web from any intelligent device. You can access to your data anywhere, anytime.

Real Estate Manager allows an advanced accounting (billing, collections, expenses, disbursment, pre-authorized payments, conciliations, etc.) while Proprio Expert Web has a more simplified one (revenues, expenses).

Proprio Expert Web offers the advantage of having an advanced management accessible from anywhere (service calls, dashboard, etc.).

Q: Is it possible to work several people at the time on Real Estate Manager?
Yes, you can buy several workstations, configure a network (second question), and manage users in a way that people can work in 2 different places on a same database.

Q: What is exactly the service plan of Real Estate Manager?
The service plan is a facultative support to the user that consists in a lot of advantages to help you in the Real Estate Manager experience. This service is billed annually and includes:
  • Regular updates of the sotware
  • Illimited technical support
  • Web data consultation
  • Backups on Magex servers
  • Web training
  • And a lot more...

*The price depends on the number of units in addition to the number of workstations.

Q: Can we transfer data from Real Estate Manager to Proprio Expert Web?
Yes, you can transfer every component of the data section of Real Estate Manager to Proprio Expert Web. Magex also offers discounts for the transfer to Proprio Expert Web to existing clients.
Q: If I use Real Estate Manager, do I also have access to Proprio Expert Web?
Real Estate Manager and Proprio Expert Web are two distincts softwares and we do not recommend using both softwares at the same time. You can consult your contacts list on the web with Real Estate Manager if you subscribed to the service plan.
Q: How can we make backups from Real Estate Manager?
Real Estate Manager backups can be made from the file tab through backups or you can send a backup to Magex which will be stocked on our servers (cloud).

We recommend making manual backups on your computer (USB, Hard Drive, etc.) in addition to sending backups to Magex regularly to keep maximum security of your data.

Q: Can I acceed to the software from an electronic tab, smartphone, etc. ?
Absolutely, Proprio Expert Web is based on the web so it's accessible from any device, anywhere if you have access to internet.
Q: Can I transfer my data from Proprio Expert Web to Real Estate Manager?
No, but you can do it from Real Estate Manager to Proprio Expert Web (data only). On the other hand, you can export Reports from Proprio Expert Web in Word format to modify or work with them.
Q: Where are stocked Proprio Expert Web data?
Proprio Expert Web data are registered on Magex servers (cloud). You don't have to worried or make manual backups, everything is made automatically everytime you enter information in the software.
Q: Are PEW data compatible with another accounting software for data transfer?
No, you can't transfer data to other accounting or management softwares but you can register reports in Word format to work with it outside of the software.

Q: To who can be destined iAnalyzeREI?

iAnalyzeREI is destined to Real Estate investors and brokers who want clear information concerning the profitability and description of a given investment.

Q: Can iAnalyzeREI import data from brokerage sites?
Yes, with iAnalyzeREI, it is possible to import files from Matrix and Sam-Web to analyze properties to sell in a faster way. If you have access to these sites and are registered in iAnalyzeREI, you just have to click on the icon in any file to analyze the property.
Q: What kind of result can we expect from iAnalyzeREI?
iAnalyzeREI considers a lot of factors and data to calculate over 15 performance ratios, financial forecast for up to 25 years, selling price evaluation and a lot more. It is a
Q: Can we insert pictures in the report?
Yes the software let you import pictures from your computer and choose which ones you want to include to the report.
Q: If I want to send the report to someone else, how does it works?
There are several ways to send or give a report to someone else. You can print it and give it directly, email it to anybody, or you can share it through various methods (website, facebook, etc.).
Q: Can I display my results so that they're available for everybody on the internet?
Yes, Zoom-Imm lets you share your analysis via Facebook or through a website created for it. It is simple and free and you can refer it to your clients or partners.