Magex Technologies changes the way we look at the real estate market - Launch of Phase II

Sherbrooke, Tuesday May 12th 2009 - Magex Technologies launches today the second phase of its initiative to improve the image of the real estate market in Quebec by offering a free access to everyone to both version of their iAnalyze REI tool from May 5th to May25th 2009.

By giving free and complete access to both the single family home and multi family property, the president Geneviève Janelle wishes to change the way people look at the real estate market during difficult times: "By regularly mingling with people from this field, I noticed that a lot of people have a negative perception of the current real estate market in Quebec. By offering a free access to iAnalyze REI, I want the people to concretely see what the market has to offer".

The point of this second phase is to provide tools to the population interested by the real estate which will allow them to have a more unbiased view of the situation. Everyone will easily be able to analyze an income property's profitability thus being able to do a maximum sale price evaluation of an income property or commercial establishment based on the incomes and expenses.

Also, for people interested in acquiring a single family home or a multi family property will be able to compare various financing scenarios and have a quick insight of their purchasing power. Let's not forget the professional looking reports that will facilitate their access to a mortgage.

This initiative was decided following an information campaign that took place during March of this year. It consisted of sending informative articles on the real estate market to a targeted audience. To obtain a copy of those articles, please send your requests to

Magex Technologies is a company specialized in real estate software design known for its expertise in this field. Born in January of 2003 from the minds of two then-recently graduated students from the Université de Sherbrooke, the company distinguishes itself not only by its products' quality and user-friendly interface but also by its professionalism.